Why Read This Book?

There are several compelling reasons why everyone in professional services and in the general business world should read this book: 

  • A comprehensive study of the industry. Based on 130 in-depth interviews with leaders of professional service firms across seven major segments, this book offers an in-depth, behind the-
    scenes look at this major global sector.
  • Management insights from the best in the business. The lineup of firms and professionals who participated in the study reads like a “who’s who” of professional services. The Broderick
    research team spent hundreds of hours with the senior leadership of these impressive businesses, all of whom were extremely candid and generous with their time and insights.
  • Tangible, practical takeaways. So many business books admire the problems without offering any practical, concrete solutions. This book includes over 40 featured “Lessons from Leaders” detailing management practices developed and successfully deployed in some of the world’s most respected professional service firms. Firm leaders can shop through these practices and select programs, or components of programs, to tailor and adapt to their organizations.
  • Insights into the PSF Leadership Model. The book introduces and discusses the ten critical management areas of focus that firm leaders must monitor to build and maintain a strong organization.

PSF Leadership Model